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To sustain organizational effectiveness over time requires more than a good product, marketing savvy and a sound infrastructure; it requires people smarts, and in today’s world, global people skills. The people in an organization are the difference that makes a difference in the sustainability of an organization's success.

Are they able to see beyond self-imposed limits? Can they work effectively in a multicultural environment that allows peoples' differences to be a business asset? Can they talk about those things that everyone sees and no one dares express? Can they build stakeholder engagement and partnerships for the work that needs to be done? Can they create a team environment that supports the collective intelligence of the group?

People skills are particularly crucial to the success of an organization's leaders. A successful engineer, scientist, or sales person is not automatically a good leader or manager. Are the leaders able to get work done effectively through others? Can they create a shared vision and a clear strategy forward? Are they able to inspire, engage and empower the workforce to be their best? Can they lead, coach, mentor, support and encourage others?

How each employee builds and maintains relationships, manages conflict, inspires trust and commitment, deals with stress and stressful situations and works across national, ethnic, generational and gender cultures in ways that enable each person to be and give their best becomes the key factor in an organization’s success or failure in the long-term. An investment in the development of the emotional, social and collective intelligence of the workforce reaps returns that are hard to quantify, but that are easy to observe day to day by employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Delphin has been partnering with organizations around the world for over 20 years to build the kind of people skills that make a difference. To find out more about the work we do, visit our services section or contact us.