Secrets of Success

What makes training and development the catalyst for change, the driving force in creating success in the marketplace? When does training and development get results?

Our Accelerated Learning design model makes the learning process more impactful by creating an opportunity for transformation, by facilitating development at the level of beliefs, values, mindset, AND skills. Learners are able to do something different and more effectively after the course. The knowledge gained is actionable, the results verifiable.

Delphin Design is based on Accelerated Learning, best practices in adult learning from around the world, ongoing research into how the brain works and humans learn, and our work in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), transformational coaching, mediation, and the Dialogue Process. The design has been developed over the years and used successfully to support learning in a variety of organizations and learning contexts.

Delphin Learning Design:

  • Works at the level of mental models, of believes, values, perceptions and new possibilities
  • Creates a rich, interactive learning environment that provides safety to explore possibilities, inspires creativity and a sense of play, discovery, and experimentation 
  • Uses a wide variety of tools, games and other learning activities mindfully, always with the purpose of creating the optimal conditions for learning, skill building, and the widening of perspectives
  • Builds a bridge to the world/s of the learners through the use of language, an assessment and constant reassessment of individual needs, and appropriate activities to facilitate each learner’s success


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