Intercultural Competence

The world we live and do business in is constantly changing and becoming more and more culturally diverse. An organization requires global knowledge, global attitudes, and global skills to remain effective in the future.

The failure of a large majority of cross-border joint ventures because of “culture clash” is proof of the great need for more intercultural competence.

Delphin’s programs support you in developing your intercultural skills and global business effectiveness by helping you:

  • Recognize cultural issues that impact business success and bridge differences in a way that supports the organization’s business globally.
  • Determine the differences that make a difference in the relationships and everyday business practices of the cultures the organization works with, and find effective ways to create synergy and reduce conflict.
  • Implement effective strategies for working on global virtual teams.
  • Create possibilities to support non-native speakers of the organizational language in contributing to the success of the team and the organization
  • Use tools to make better decisions in multi-cultural teams, address conflict in culturally appropriate ways, and to prepare for important conversations and analyze past situations to learn from them for the next time.
  • Recognize coachable moments and support team members in their cultural literacy and ability to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute their best.