Leadership Development

What is your picture of a great leader?

A visionary? A role-model? An excellent communicator? A coach? A mentor? Someone, who is not afraid to speak the unspeakable? To take calculated risks? Someone, who can embrace and work with the tension between current reality and the vision? Someone who recognizes and works with multiple perspectives?

Delphin works with your leaders at all levels to:

  • Create the conditions, the climate and the infrastructure that make it possible for employees to constantly learn and develop? A place where top-notch talent wants to stay and contribute
  • Apply techniques aimed at optimizing employee performance and development
  • Identify approaches to work smarter, not necessarily harder to achieve exceptional team results; manage resources, and build plans that drive success
  • Use the diversity in the work group or team to create synergy and success
  • Manage people, action, and information effectively
  • Coach employees on planning and prioritizing their work and handling of problems
  • Manage conflict effectively
  • Apply problem-solving & critical thinking skills that support results-oriented actions and team goals
  • Work effectively with stakeholders and create collaborative opportunities that generate mutual success
  • Think systemically and manage change effectively