Accelerated Learning

Only developmental programs that have true impact, a change in behavior, attitude and skills, are a good investment of time, money and resources. Delphin supports organizations in making sure that their learning programs achieve the impact they want and need to thrive. Accelerated Learning design begins with an interdisciplinary "discovery" approach that identifies and builds on strengths, surfaces the organization's vision of the ideal future and their thinking on the changes that need to be made to get there. An engaged workforce is now ready to support the change and the learning needed because they are part of that change!

The discovery phase leads to a carefully designed learning program that fosters deep learning, reflective practice and focused action. All of our programs are designed using an Accelerated Learning approach with the emphasis on accelerating, enhancing and deepening LEARNING. It is not about showing more PowerPoint slides and talking faster. It is about accelerating the learning process so that every minute in training counts. It is about fostering a growth and learning mindset that encourages each person to become both a continuous learner and a coach and mentor for others.

Accelerated Learning supports your Learning and Development team in designing and facilitating learning programs, team meetings, strategy or visioning sessions, organizational development processes more effectively and efficiently. With our support, organizations around the world are making certain their investment in training and development leads to a more effective and skilled workforce capable of creating success for the organization now and in the future. To find out more about the method, the process, and our services, visit our Accelerated Learning website.