Personal Mastery

Personal mastery is the development of emotional, cultural and social intelligence. It is the foundation of personal effectiveness and ultimately business success.

What type of person will make a difference in your business’s effectiveness?

It is likely a person, who:

  • Is aware of their internal emotional states, blocks and resources, and is able to manage them effectively
  • Recognizes the influence of their own culture/s on their values and behavior and both recognizes and respects the way culture influences others and how they show up at work
  • Uses their personal values, vision and preferences to guide them toward goals, take initiative and strive to improve
  • Is able to act and behave most effectively and appropriately in any given situation. This person responds instead of reacting!
  • Recognizes and respects each person’s feelings, needs and values behind their surface behavior, and is able to bridge differences to support team effectiveness
  • Remains calm in challenging situations and stays focused on what matters
  • Listens empathetically and engages with others effectively