Productive Communication

Business is conducted through conversations. The quality of those conversations determines both present and future business effectiveness. Conversations help to bridge differences, enroll and engage stakeholders. They inspire others to act. Conversations coach and mentor; they clarify, guide, influence and build and nurture positive relationships.

The ability of each employee to use each and every conversation to generate possibilities, create opportunities, build relationships, and resolve conflict makes the difference in business.

By developing productive communication skills, each person will:

  • Recognize the relationship between their own mental models and attitudes and the results they get as employees
  • Distinguish clearly between their observations and assessments and then help others widen their perspective
  • Express criticism or apologies in a way resolves problems effectively and support future success (complaints, apologies)
  • Ensure that commitments have been clearly understood by all parties (requests and promises)
  • Give feedback in a way that will empower their colleagues and help them become proficient risk-takers and learners themselves
  • Seek feedback and use it to improve and develop
  • Help themselves and others recognize problems, formulate goals and create their own developmental "program"
  • Listen empathetically and generate new possibilities
  • Build relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Advocate and inquire in powerful ways
  • Use simple coaching tools to create and sustain success throughout their organization